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Crazy to think I started my consulting and speaking career over 30 years ago when I created this “marketing” button, “I’m So Excited! Ask Me Why?” for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I never knew in a MILLION years that one idea would grow into what Speaktacular is today!

I was a new consultant with Mary Kay, and was told I needed to get to the convention in Dallas. I realized I could sell enough product to raise the funds to attend, however I have a very creative brain and I came up with this slogan and put it on a button.

My boss Carol Anton, who is now a National with Mary Kay, gave me 10 minutes at our meeting to share my ideas on how to build our business by using this marketing button!

I was over the moon that night when I sold 340+ buttons for $1.00 apiece! With that — I had my roundtrip airfare and I was off to the Mary Kay Convention.

When I arrived I thought to myself, how am I going to go about selling the remainder of my buttons? Thank God I wasn’t shy, because I took some of my button order and pinned my entire jacket in pink and burgundy buttons!

 ONE has to stand out — Right?

That brainstorm helped me to sell 2,000 more buttons than what I had brought! That weekend changed the course of my life! My company went from “Buttons and More” to “The Original, Buttons and More” to Speaktacular!

With button success, I launched a series of talks and new marketing buttons, which over the years I’ve shared with hundreds of organizations.

  • “Don’t Delay, Do It Today” (A magnet that went with my “Sense of Urgency” talk)
  • “No Excuses” (20 years of Customer Service Training)
  • “Bored With Your Job, Try Mine!”
  • “You’ve Tried the Rest, Now Try the Best!”
  •  “It is not for women only” (The print was so tiny, people had to ask what the button said, and then you had them in conversation!)
  •  “No Fake Nails” (Amera Cosmetics)
  •  “Natural or Nothing” (Amera Cosmetics)

TrytheBestButtonThere is NOTHING that gives me more JOY than supporting business owners and professionals with my products and services. I love helping them grow not only their net worth but their networks, too!

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