“Kathleen Ronald is a rare gem. She is fun, powerful, dynamic, full of laughs and very insightful. She will empower you in any area that you are committed to in life. Kathleen is an excellent coach, workshop leader and keynote speaker. You get the best of the best when you work with Kathleen.”

— Cathy Morrey
Conflict Coach & Employee Mentoring Program Consultant,

Keynotes and Training
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“Kathleen Ronald is the best speaker I have ever heard in my 20 years in the convention business. It was the most talked about session.”

— Jane Dahlroth, CEM
Meetings, Convention and Exhibits Manager
Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting

“Your seminar was the best one that I went to today and one of the top two that I’ve been to at the PPAI shows that I’ve attended (last year and this year).”

—Dewain Mangum

“Kathleen’s approach to the topic provided our members with simple, common sense guidelines to developing strong business relationships. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for business groups.”

— Scott Ashton
Director of Sales & Marketing
Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

“Kathleen’s presentation to our organization was both engaging and entertaining–and her message about the importance of follow through was right on target.”

— Linda Popky
L2M Associatees; Women in Consulting

“Kathleen is a special person and speaker. She energized the room and gave us all terrific strategies we could use in net-connecting. She was one of the best trainers we’ve ever had.”

— Elaine Hollifield, Programs Director

“Kathleen really impressed me. She is so likeable, entertaining, inspiring, knowledgeable, giving and caring! I’m really glad I came to see her.”

— Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan Productions

PinkBoa$Glasses.jpb“I just read all the wonderful testimonials that people have shared about you. I found your presentation at NAWBO to be so inspiring, that I am signing up for more of Kathleen in your series on Networking. I want to grow my business and I feel that this will be the perfect opportunity to plan and implement a sound approach by learning from a Pro!”

— Mary Blaser
Senior Sales Associate
Cornish & Carey

“Having spent over 20 years attending conventions and trade shows, I thought I had seen the best until meeting you! I found your presentation on Business Connecting to be inspiring, humorous, great networking ideas and provided the desire to try new approaches to increase business opportunities. I was only sorry that I’m now retired and could not have shared your presentation to my sales personnel and distributors.”

— Gil Cohen
Management Advisory Services

“You have inspired me which is sometimes very hard to do in this crazy world that we live in. I am not very easily impressed by anyone so quickly but you have rocked my world. I had some of the best classes this year that I have ever had in 14 years of going to this trade show. You by far were my favorite and I gained the most from your class!”

— Tony Day
President and Founder,

“Your subject expertise and preparation were evident throughout your presentation, as were your impressive knowledge of our business situation.”

— Leo Geskey
Manager, Apple Technical Coordinator Program,
Apple Computer, Inc.

“You have been blessed with ability to rejuvenate people and make them smile! That is a truly the most precious gift. THANK YOU for “filling me back up.“ You were the perfect start to our conference and I called my husband that night and said this is EXACTLY what I need. I’m definitely sharing your info with our site. Our Customer Service & Account Executive associates would all benefit immensely from a little Kathleen. Thank you again for “filling me back up!”

— Tiffani Harding, Account Executive Manager
Norwood Promotional Products

“In my twelve years in this industry…I thought I’d heard and seen it all…until today. Kathleen Ronald is by far the best customer service trainer I have ever experienced!”

— Cecelia F. Bell
Key Account Director,
InterContinental Hotels Group

“I attended Kathleen’s talk on “The Fortune is in the Follow Up” last night. And as a result of something that shifted in my brain because of what she said, I followed up with 10 people this morning and booked two Hand Analysis readings this week!”

— Pamelah Landers
Master Hand Analyst & Author,
HandsOn Company

Motivated“Kathleen’s delivery is engaging and entertaining, her message on networking, truthful and inspiring. The BUZZ has not stopped since her talk. She confirmed what I have always felt intuitively. I would have Kathleen speak to any group.”

— Dena Aslanian-Williams
Women’s Council of Realtors, San Francisco Chapter



“Thank you for your efforts in helping pull off Fall Comdex. PowerPC has come a long way and it’s because of people like you who make us a success.”

— James Venable
Marketing Programs Manager
Motorola, Inc.

“Thank you so much for visiting and doing your thing! It was awesome and I much better than anything I expected. I’m not all that big on seeing motivational speakers. My thought is usually, “you seen one you seen, you seen em all.” Well you completely proved me wrong. I always try to have an open mind and I was hoping to God you would prove me wrong and you did! I really enjoyed everything you spoke about and how engaging, interactive, and funny you were. It was really great and I know everything you said to us came from your heart! It was a great experience and I feel like I was able to take some points and put them toward some goals (that seem very close to impossible). I am in sales and our team has been presented with a crazy goal that is going to be so difficult and I think you really put me into the right mindset on how to attack and treat the whole situation. I really appreciate your time.”

— Keith Lofton
Sales Executive

“You sure are a Jack of All Trades! You do it all…you are a great team player and a delight to work with. You have a great “can do” attitude. Thanks for everything.”

— Ginamarie Rodgers
Worldwide Operations Agency Advertising
IBM Corp.

“Kathleen is one of the most energetic, captivating speakers we have had at our meetings. Everyone could benefit from her pearls of wisdom, no matter what career path you’re following. YOU owe it to yourself, to attend one of Kathleen’s sessions today!”

— Darlene Harper

“Kathleen Ronald is a God send! A truly gifted soul! While attending her class “The Fortune is in the Follow Up,” I had an “Ah Ha” moment. Her probing questions made me look hard at the real reason why I wasn’t follow up with potential clients. I realized I was spreading myself to thin and not liking the work I was doing. Within 30 minutes of one-on-one time I had a new plan. Now I have a stack of at least 30 cards to follow up on and I’m so excited that I GET to follow up with them, rather than HAVE to. Thank you Kathleen! I couldn’t have done this without your insight and careful guiding. ”

— Rachael Davila
Promo Web Service

“I have never been so “charged up” and ready to grow my business as I am now. You spoke to my heart so many times. I loved all the angel messages, and the way in which you said there are no accidents, which I believe!”

— Cathryne Richards
Amera Cosmetics, Inc

KathleenCrazy Pointing“I went to an industry mixer and we had a FANTASTIC speaker that spoke on the subject of “The Seven Deadly Sins of Networking”. I have attended many seminars, lectures, networking events, classes and this woman, Kathleen, gave one of the BEST speeches or lectures I have had the priviledge of hearing. She stands apart from most because she knows how to combine content, delivery, humor and entertainment. What a rare treat she is.”

— Lianne La Reine
Star Selling, Inc.




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“Kathleen’s knowledge and expertise are outstanding and her enthusiasm is contagious!”

—Lynn Cressy
Lynn’s Home Decor

“Kathleen’s seminar came as such a blessing – her intensely personal and positive spiritual energy, combined with simple yet powerful tools to implement, are significantly transforming my business and social interactions. She’s a gift to give yourself! ”

—Megan Neel
Residential Realtor
Coldwell Banker Palos Verdes/South Bay

“Take a class with Kathleen! She shares real life examples of how to move forward in your life and in your business… a double bonus. She imparts her “pearls of wisdom” with great humor and compassion. Kathleen will show you how to get out of your own way and get on with it. A memorable experience! ”

—Valerie Butler
Ajilon Consulting

“I was so impressed when you spoke at our Networking meeting! You had us all do an outrageous exercise that made a huge impact and quickly taught us about our belief systems. Your sense of humor and energy had me mesmerized. I was so ready to make some positive changes in my life that I signed up immediately for your tele-class. You are providing a great value to others! Thank you so much. ”

—Cynthia Adkins
A Legendary Affair
Invitations & Event Planning Showroom


“I learned so much from the lessons that I got from some of your sessions 2 years ago… Thanks! My work, personal life, and relationships have dramatically moved forward since working with you.”

—Charles Fetz

IAEE photo“Kathleen Ronald is an exceptional talent! A blazing purveyor of good humor with effective tools, tricks and talents for helping people live happier lives!”

—Marlene Fern Caldes
Host/Executive Producer
InnerVoice Network

“I had the good fortune to take Kathleen Ronald’s teleseminar on Clutter Clearing. I am keenly aware that clutter has extremely negative effects. Personally, I feel nervous and unfocused when trying to accomplish ANYTHING in a cluttered space. When that space is cleared, I am happy to walk into the room, can readily find anything, and am able to focus on projects for long periods of time. I also feel much more calm. Since I work on a wide variety of projects at any given time, it is important for me to have a clear space and KEEP a clear space. Kathleen knows that clutter is not only visually difficult to handle but on a psychic level as well. I regard her as an expert and you will find her tele-seminars to be inspirational. ”

— Lynn A. Deglin
La Lynni Designs

“There’s ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and Kathleen! She is a network on to herself. She can connect with anyone and get anyone to connect. TV could learn how to get more tune-ins and better ratings from the networking Queen!”

— Bill Lai
LightForm Productions, Inc.

“Kathleen, for someone who thought they didn’t have a clutter issue, the clearing really worked. As you know, my environment was never an issue. However my computer was the only clutter issue I realized after taking your tele-class. I have focused on clearing it up and I am thinking much more clearer these days and I’m able to be in the moment throughout my work day. I have been mind boggled for years and have tried all kinds of things. The fog lifted when I did what I did, even though I haven’t done it all yet. But I’m well on my way. AND I changed how I am coaching. Completely. That came clear to me too. Thank you for your series. It has been a huge benefit in so many ways.”

— Sally Kraus
Business Coach

“Kathleen, I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed the three calls. Your enthusiasm and spirit is so positive I wish you were my neighbor. I have used the “cancel, cancel, clear” so many times this week, not just with myself but with other people. We need more people in this world like you. Thank you for helping me bring my attention to a lot of things in my life.”

— Sandie Marinoble
Client Retention

“Thanks again for the inspiring space clearing class to support us to do what we thought was impossible! Now it’s become a habit and a great lifestyle to clear our space and make room for new opportunities! As I mentioned, it has really impacted my whole family and we’re all enjoying our new space at home versus thinking we have to move into a bigger house. By the way, I forgot to mention that because of my space clearing at work, I’m moving from a cubicle to an office. You are AWESOME!”

— Flor Harris
Vice President,
Integra Emloyee Benefit Insurance Services, LLC.

“Kathleen delivers timeless wisdom with kindness and a laser focus. I have made life changes that have improved not only my professional life, but my personal life, because of these classes.”

— Bev Stenehjem
Director of Human Resources EDO Corporation

Awesome“Clutter is expensive since I lost so many important things. While doing the de-clutter assignment alone, I found $1000 money order which made up for the tele-class cost plus plus. I can only imagine how I will feel after getting everything in order. Thank you Kathleen, the class was perfect for me.”

— Kim Ho
President, Hossy Homes, Inc.

“Kathleen is a dynamic, inspiring speaker that really motivates and pumps you up! Her information is timely and useful and always relevant!”

— Dave Cunningham
Realtor, Coldwell Banker

“I’ve listened to Kathleen for several years now and she has given me many tools to add to my “success tool box”. The latest example is when she taught us how to use our business cards to build relationships whether they turn into business or personal connections.”

— Maxine Goulding President
CEO California Special Occasions

“I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My white cells were almost non-existent, along with the platelets. The red cells were just above critical. They say you always meet someone for a reason. Well, thanks to you and your belief system tele-seminar which transformed my belief system, I’m beating this sucker in record time. This is just a bump in the road and a “test” of how strong my beliefs are. I took the attitude right from the start that this is a bump in the road and I’ll be over this quickly. In three weeks my blood counts were all back to normal and the lymphoma is 70% gone.”

— Terri Keeling
AWA Travel


Consulting & Coachingred rule

“Are you feeling ‘stuck’, overwhelmed or unsure of how to learn to ‘think different’? I’ve been coached by Kathleen Ronald for the past year, and I have to tell you, it’s turned my life around and my business around.

My business has grown by more than 40 percent since then (without doing ‘sales’) and my life perspective has been transformed. Talk about personal growth! Kathleen will light a match to your rocket ship for you!

The changes are too many to mention here (we could start with self-esteem, honoring yourself, manifesting positive outcomes and rediscovering your spiritual nature). I’ll just say that if you want to manifest amazingly positive changes in your life from the inside out, get organized and focused, achieve your goals with grace and ease, grow your business effortlessly, increase your energy and start rocking your world, contact Queen Kathleen. She’s phenomenal on all levels!”

— Sharon Root
President & Owner,
Computer Magic Training

“I estimate my business has grown about 50% in the past year since working with Kathleen. I am asking for and getting larger fees, working with higher quality clients, and providing client solutions with greater enthusiasm and creativity.”

— Cherryll Sevy
Cypress Ridge Consulting

“Kathleen’s coaching has been integral to the early success of my new business. She is one of my trusted advisors.”

— Jeffrey Williams
The Alchemy Team

“I have been attending sales training classes for the last 28 years to learn all I can about sales training. It takes a lot to impress me however; Kathleen has all the right tips and techniques that anyone needs to improve their follow-up strategies. The presentation covers a lot of ground and every bit of it right on the mark. She does it in a very short and entertaining way. This is a must attend class for anyone trying to make a living being a Professional Sales Person.“

— Paul A Schweitzer

Backof Room materials“I want to thank you for being my life coach. Since I started the coaching with you in May of 2007, for the last six months, I have experienced series of transformation, Ah-Ha moments, and epiphany in the areas of changing my belief system; removing my limiting beliefs; changing the words I speak; feeling abundance and having resources; improving my self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth; space clearing physically and mentally; business networking; defining my real estate business niche; accepting myself for who I am; being happy no matter what.

I cannot thank you enough for facilitating my journey to the life transformation.”

— Nobuko Isomata
Timely Real Estate Solutions

“Thank you Kathleen for bringing new light to our employees. Your teaching style, personality and comedic flair kept everyone on the edge of their seats; fully engaged to every word. Everyone left with a positive attitude and excited outlook on the upcoming year.

— Nichole Scott
Sales Executive

“After my first session with Kathleen, I felt like I had champagne bubbles going off in my brain! Her focus on creating possibilities was exactly what I needed to turn a corner I’d been peering around for many months.”

— Courtney Behm
Consultant, Effectiveness Coach, Speaker,
Viewpoint Solutions


“Kathleen has energy, relevant information, and exceptional business skills to share. If you want to take your business to the next level, hire Kathleen as your business consultant!”

— Geraldine Barry
San Jose Realestate Investors Association

“Kathleen saw who I was, what was stopping me and what I needed to get me going. She’s the best business investment I’ve made yet!”

— Dee Canepa
Dee-Delicious Café

“In the beginning, I was hesitant to pay for a business coach. Now I ask, how can I afford not to work with Kathleen Ronald?”

— Anan Wong
All Ears Audio Books

BoaCropped“Thanks for all your wisdom! You are so awesome and I see big things happening for you. You are so dynamic, funny, compassionate, and also so honest! You have given me the tools I need to start making a difference in my life with accountability and with angels watching over me. Life is good and I thank God for the blessings of meeting people like you who touch the lives of others. Thanks for giving me the insight and awareness that I can have and achieve my hearts desires as long as I am paying attention to the what the universe is telling me!”

— Annette Starheim
Conference Coordinator

“In one session Kathleen broke through the time management blocks that were costing me money and lost opportunity.”

— Carol Sconzert
Osmosis Creative

“I want to thank you for your coaching me to success. You cut the learning curve by 70% and that accelerated my making money. In addition, just one connection you gave me saved thousands of dollars, and the many other suggestions also saved me time, research and money. You branded me, gave me the plan and helped me create marketing pieces and timelines, and you kept me focused, (no easy task!). With what you saved me, I can honestly say, your services were free. How much more could one want for a return on investment? I am also eternally grateful for helping me with the health problem I have been fighting for years. Thanks to you, I feel great! And finally, your advice for my personal issues is invaluable and I will use the techniques the rest of my life.”

— Carol Rose
Wealth Mentor

Top 7 Secrets to Business Networking FREE Product Review
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“After listening to Kathleen Ronald’s “Top 7 Secrets to Business Networking” interview, I had an “Aha!!” experience. As a Realtor in Palo Alto, I realized that I had been attending networking events that did not target my ideal client. I needed to attend events filled with young and growing families in the Palo Alto area, who need a bigger house in an excellent school district. Immediately, I began thinking of appropriate organizations and clubs that have people who need my skills and services. This will save me a lot of time and money, and will free me to spend more time serving my clients.

”It’s amazing how listening to Kathleen’s 20-minute interview sparked powerful new ideas for my business! Thank you, Kathleen!!”

— Celia Bella
Coldwell Banker Brokerage