Clutternomics: Clear Your Way to Profits, Productivity and Peace! (Business)

Clutter affects 19 areas of your life and business!  Organizations are losing tens of thousands, and some cases millions, over a year’s time due to their business clutter and the clutter each of their employees brings in.


Does your clutter cause you stress, loss of time, money, and peace of mind to name a few?

The cost of clutter to an organization is enormous! Stephanie Winston, author of The Organized Executive, estimates an hour each day is lost to disorder, costing an organization over $8,000 for an employee earning $65,000 a year.

The impact of clutter on productivity is significant. In a study by the National Association of Professional Organizers:

  • 27% of all respondents said they feel disorganized at work;
  • of those, 91% said they would be more effective and efficient if their workspaces were better organized.

An organization can’t afford not to address their business clutter if they want to thrive in this current economy.

In this session:

  • Discover why de-cluttering is one of Kathleen’s top business strategies for “instant” abundance
  • Learn “one” easy rule and ‘get back” 7 hours per week
  • Explore the steps to increase your productivity by lowering your work clutter
  • Learn the “De-Clutter System” to get your life back

Note: This session can be delivered in 30/60/120/180 minutes