Grow Your Net Worth by Growing Your Network!

When you think of Networking do you automatically think: “superficial schmoozing” that is mastered by “extroverted sales types” who “work their agenda” to their own benefit?  Perhaps you believe Networking is a “necessary evil” to “get ahead in your career.”  Is it possible that Networking can be more than a painful exercise in forcing yourself out of your comfort zone for business gain?

The evidence for learning how to build and nurture personal and professional Networks is compelling:

  • A significant % of sales are made on referral from networking
  • The MIT Alumni Association found that 70% of people find their jobs through Networking (vs. responding to job ads)
  • Psychology Today discovered that people who have strong social networks live longer
  • Networking expands our horizons to new hobbies, beliefs, friendships and unforeseen directions

In this session:

  • Understand and Incorporate Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) strategies that will give you the best “Networking Tools” which will make the process Fun, Exciting and a Pleasure!
  • Discover your limiting beliefs that are holding you back and change them.
  • Understand Targeted Networking, Casual Networking, Expanding Networking and On Purpose Networking.
  • Learn how you too can Master the art of networking!

Note: This session can be delivered in 60/120/180 minutes