The Fortune Is in the Follow-Up!

  • Do you hang up on a prospective client who calls to find out about your service?
  • When an associate offers you a business opportunity, do you walk off without a response?
  • Do you write “wasteful – unreliable – indifferent,” on your marketing collateral?

Not in a million years?

Then why pay for the privilege of networking and then toss out your ROI because you choose not to follow-up?

Protect Your Fortune!
Follow-up = Opportunities = ROI

People with a good follow-up system are known for their integrity, service, accountability, and, at the bank. Those without are prey to procrastination, to endless overwhelm, to forever saying, “I’m sorry!”  Which are you?

 In this session:

  • Learn how to move from the “knowing” to the “doing” of follow-up.
  • Unlock the WHY you don’t follow-up on a sub-conscious level and create can-do solutions.
  • Implement the KEY component of her success, and grow your business by 20%.
  • Discover the 10 MUST strategies to “master” follow-up!

Note: This session can be delivered 60/120/180 minutes